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Ara Maysonet 
Lic. Real Estate Agent
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Carlos Acosta Imbiriba
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 We want to put our services in your hand.
The market in Florida is in picking up a level and that why right now is the moment for doing investments. Florida has too much to offer in the area of Residential with Single Family homes, Condo, Townhomes and Vacation Homes and also in Commercial.
There are many reasons why one of our specialties is helping our clients invest in real estate.

We care of Details

First there’s the enjoyment we get from helping them develop a solid long-term strategy, research all they're financing and purchasing options, and successfully complete the transaction. And then, there’s the deep satisfaction that comes from knowing that the equity they build will help them achieve and sustain a higher quality of life.


As history shows, real estate has always been a steadily appreciating investment, even with the occasional market downturns. So if you would like to get together and talk about how you can
actually benefit from this downturn, please let us know. We would be happy to help you through all aspects of the investment process.

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